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GigaNano, LLC - Sales & Marketing Consultants - Boston
Most popular automatic pill dispenser in the USA? - $289.95 FREE Shipping - Never forget to take your medications again! Patent US 9,198,834

Pill Dispenser. World's Best Pill ORGANIZER and ALARM $59.95 FREE Shipping from e-pill Medication Reminders

4 Alarm VIBRATING Pill Box featured on Doctor Oz

GigaNano, LLC - Sales & Marketing Consultants - Boston

Welcome to iHealth Patient Compliance Net. Your source for up-to-date information on medication adherence / medication non-adherence and patient compliance medical devices and services
(medication reminders, pillboxes medical alarm watches and automatic locked pill dispensers).
Remember prescription (Rx) and OTC drugs ("pills") only work in patients who take their medications regularly.


PATIENT COMPLIANCE: (improve patient compliance / medication adherence to a Prescription Rx / OTC schedule) Medical Devices to help improve Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence


  • Alarm Wrist Watch (regular size): CADEX 12 daily alarms. Sound and Text Alarms
  • Smart Wrist Watch: SmartMonitor Watch Wrist Watch / Monitor for Epilepsy Patients. Sound and Text Alarms
  • Vibrating Watch (regular size): Medos / MeDose 6 daily alarms. Vibrating or Sound Alarms
  • Alarm Watch: WatchMinder Vibration + alpha message reminder
  • Alarm Watch: VibraLITE vibration alarms 2, 3, 8 or 12 per day
  • Oversized Analog Alarm Watch ('with hands'): Almeda Vibration or sound alarm. 6 Alarms per day
  • Alarm Watches: 6, 12 or up to 200 Daily Alarms. Vibration Alarm, Sound Alarm or Text Message
  • Key Ring: Maybe you just need ... A LITTLE REMINDER Remote Device
  • SMS Mobile / Cell Phone: SMS Messages Mobile Text Reminder
  • Key Ring: Key Chain Medication Reminder e-pill MED EZ
  • Pill Bottle: Dial Vial Simple mechanical vial cap counter
  • Pill Cup: Dr Dosage Simple mechanical medicine cup dispenser / pill cup dispenser
  • Pill Bottle: Smart Pill Cap with Alarm (up 24 alarms per Day) e-pill TimeCap
  • Connected Pill Bottle: Smart Bottle Connected Smart Pill Cap
  • Connected Pill Bottle: Smart Bottle (iCap (bluetooth pill bottle cap) , iSort (bluetooth pill box) and iConnect Smartphone APP) Bluetooth Connected Medication Reminders
  • Internet Connected Pill Bottle: Glow Caps Alerts by Cell Phone or e-mail if meds are missed. (Vitality).
  • Wireless Smart Pillbox (connected pill box): Tricella Alerts if medications are missed.
  • Smart Pill Bottle Dispenser: Monitors medication taking (CleverCap)
  • Medication Event Monitoring Pill Bottle: Monitors medication taking (MEMS SmartCap) Medication Event Monitoring System
  • Mobile / Cell Phone / Smart Phone: Alerts your Mobile/Cell Phone/SmartPhone, at the right time, not to forget your medicine..

    Pill Dispenser - Tablet Dispenser - Oral Medication Dispenser
    Automatic Pill Dispenser - Medication Dispensing Machine - Locked Pill Dispenser

  • Pill Dispenser (Portable): e-pill medimi: Automatic portable pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 15 times per Day by MedicPen.
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Medfolio: old-fashioned “pill box” meets the 21st century Alarms 4 times per Day. Holds meds for 1 week
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Medido: Unit Dose Automatic Pill Dispenser Philips Lifeline medication dispensing unit. Clinical study shows 96% medication adherence rate.
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Med-Time PLUS: Automatic pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 24 times per Day. LONG alarm duration and LARGE pill capacity.
  • Pill Dispenser (Home use): Med-Time XL: Automatic pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 28 times per Day. Original Made in Sweden Pill Dispenser.
  • Monitored Pill Dispenser (Home use): MedSmart PLUS Automatic pill dispenser (Tunstall / American Medical Alert Corporation / AMAC) Monitored (FREE monitoring included / No monthly fees). Dispenses up to 6 times per Day. LARGE pill capacity.
  • Pill Dispenser Medicom (Bang & Olufsen) Medication Compliance Devices
  • Pill Dispenser HeroHealth Pill Dispenser holds a month’s supply of ten different pills.
  • Pill Dispenser: MedSmart (American Medical Alert Corporation AMAC): Automatic pill dispenser Alarms and Dispenses up to 6 times per Day. LARGE pill capacity.
  • Pill Dispenser: Tamper Proof Automatic Pill Dispenser. The e-pill MD3 Alarms and Dispenses up to 4 times per Day.

    Can you achieve better medication adherence? How about a proven 98.6% Patient Compliance / Medication Adherence rate

    Tamper Proof Dispenser / Narcotic Pill Box / CII / CIII Drugs / Pain Medications Dispenser / Methadone / Suboxone Buprenorphine visit

  • Tamper Proof Locked Automatic Pill Dispenser (Multiple Independent Locks): e-pill MedTime SAFE (for Pain Pills, Psych Meds, CII / C III, methadone, buprenorphine and other Rx Meds)
  • Tamper Proof Narcotic Boxes with Combination Lock: Medicus Health
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Combination Lock: MedSafe
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Timed Lock: e-pill Kitchen Pill Safe
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Box with Timed Lock: Dose-Control Dispenser
  • Tamper Proof Narcotic Boxes with Timed Lock: CompuMed (dispense up to Four (4) Times Daily).
  • Tamper Resistant Narcotic Boxes with Timed Lock: Med-O-Wheel (dispense up to Four (4) Times Daily).
  • Tamper Resistant Pill Dispenser with Timed Lock: my Ubox Smart Pillbox

  • Proven Automatic Pill Dispenser
    This Automatic Medication Dispenser from Philips Lifeline greatly improves Medication Adherence and Patient Compliance. 6,660,000 (almost 7 million!) possible dispenses from MD2s. 98.6% of those resulted in an actual dispense. Made by Philips.

    CVS Report On Medication Adherence Visit Site Rx Adherence
    (download PDF Advancing Adherence & The Science of Pharmacy Care

  • Dispense in a Cup. Locked e-pill Station Pill Dispenser: Station with Tipper Auto dispense up to 6 times per day (e-pill Station). Locked automatic pill dispenser dispenses pills in a medicine cup (reuseable / included).
  • Pivotell Dispenser: Monitored Pill Dispenser (GSM) (available in the UK market)
  • EMMA Pill Dispenser: EMMA Remote Medication Management System
  • Dispense-A-Pill Pill Dispenser: Dispense-A-Pill electronic medication dispenser
  • Pill Dispenser Tipper for e-pill MD1: e-pill Tipper Auto dispense up to 28 times per day (e-pill MD1) in a cup.
  • Philips Medication Dispensing Service: Monitored Automatic Pill Dispenser (Philips Lifeline / PMDS) Alarms and Dispenses medications up to 6 times per Day. Holds up to 1 month of medications (at 2 times per day). Will call caregiver's phone if patient does not take medications on time.
  • PharmAdva Pill Dispenser: PharmAdva Automatic Pill Dispenser Dispenses up to 16 different medications daily.
  • PharmRight Pill Dispenser: Livi Automatic Pill Dispenser Dispenses up to 15 different medications daily.
  • CompuMed Pill Dispenser: CompuMed electronic medication dispenser. Auto dispense up to 4 times per Day. Tamper Proof. Refill every seven days.
  • MedReady Pill Dispenser: MedReady Auto dispense up to 4 times per day.
  • Med-Time XL Pill Dispenser: Med Time XL Auto dispense up to 28 times per day (e-pill MD1).
  • TabSafe Pill Dispenser: TabSafe Pharmacy-filled medication dispenser.
  • Tablet Pill Reminder: Meda Check
  • Interactive Pill Reminder: PillDrill Simplify the task of everyday pill taking
  • Autopills Pill Dispenser: Autopills Weekly automatic pill dispenser networked monitoring.
  • MedSmart Non-Monitored Pill Dispenser: MedSmart Stand-Alone MD2 Automatic Pill Dispenser with Patient Compliance Dashboard.
  • MedSmart Monitored Pill Dispenser: MedSmart MONITORED (no monthly fees EVER) Automatic Pill Dispenser MD2 PLUS with Patient Compliance Dashboard. | VIDEO

  • SimpleMed Pill Dispenser: Monitored SimpleMed Weekly Semi-automatic Pill Dispenser (Connected Pill Box).
  • Pill Dispenser: Monitored Innospense Automatic Pill Dispenser (Connected Pill Box) of pre-packaged medications.
  • MedMinder Pill Dispenser: Monitored MedMinder Weekly Semi-automatic Pill Dispenser (Connected Pill Box).
  • Hebdomedic Pill Dispenser: Hebdomedic Hebdomedic medication dispenser.
  • Pill Dispenser: Pill Bottle with Cell Phone Alarm Using SIM (Cell Phone) Technology
  • Pill Dispenser / PICOS / Patient Compliance Monitoring Device: VitaPhone Medication Adherence Support System (MASS).
  • Pill Dispenser: Medfolio Pill Organizer and Reminder System
  • Pill Dispenser: SentiCare Pillstation Pill Organizer and Monitored Reminder System | VIDEO
  • Pill Dispenser Alternative: Medicine-On-Time Blister Packaging for all your medications (pharmacy system, unit-of-use packaging)
  • Pill Dispenser Alternative: Pill Pack Unit Dose Bags for all your medications (mail-order, unit-of-use packaging)
  • Pill Dispenser Alternative: "Portable Medicine Cabinet" Locked Medicine Organizer with Simple Reminder (ZipperSure)

    This e-pill Automatic Pill Dispenser can notify remote caregivers (monitored) if medications have not been dispensed.

    Insulin Reminder - Insulin Timer - Insulin Alarm
    Electronic devices to help you better manage your insulin regimen

  • Elapsed Time (since last Insulin Injection): InsulCheck (Timer that fits onto your insulin pen)
  • Elapsed Time (since last Insulin Injection): TimeSulin (Replacement cap with timer. Fits onto insulin pen)
  • Scheduled Insulin Injection time: Diabetes Alert (Alarm Timer works for all makes of insulin)

  • Parkinson's - Medication Reminders and Movement Recorder tools
    Medication (levodopa) Alarm Timers and other device for Parkinson's
    Electronic devices to help you better manage your PD / Parkinson regimen

  • Elapsed Time (since last PD Medicines taken): TimeCap (Timer that fits onto your PD medication bottle)
  • Interval Alarm Timer (for PD Meds): MeDose Parkinson (Alarm Watch for Parkinson's patients)
  • Scheduled PD Meds time: Parkinsons Alarm Pillbox (Alarm Timer works for all Parkinsons medcations)
  • Measurement of Parkinsons' Wellness / Control: Watch to Gauge PD Wellness (shaking / movement recording tool) (Watch with Accelerometer and Medication Reminder)

  • TENS and Migraine Treatment Devices

  • Electronic (non-drug) treatment for migraines: Cefaly Anti-migraine Device

  • Pill Container: Clever Pill Bottle Alarm with LAST TAKEN visual indicator (e-pill Multi-Alarm TimeCap or Prescript TimeCap).
  • Pill Container: Pill Bottle Alarm: Pill Vial with a Brain!
  • Medication Tablet Dispenser & Timer: e-pill Multi-Alarm Easy to Set Pillbox Timers
  • Pill Organizer: Medication Manager: Organizer & Reminder System
  • Pill Organizer: Eyes on Elders: Have you forgotten your medication today?
  • Automatic Pill Dispenser: Personal Medication Management System
  • Pill Container / MEMS / Patient Compliance Monitoring Device: AARDEX The Patient Compliance Experts
  • Pill Timer: e-pill Multiple alarm reminder and pillbox: Simple to program.
  • Pill Timer: affordable pill timers and pill dispensers. Simple to set.
  • Cell Phone: Jitterbug: Medication Reminders on your cell phone.
  • Home Phone or Cell Phone: MedVoice: Medication Reminders sent to your phone.
  • Pager: MedPrompt: Custom programmed alpha numeric pager.
  • Pager: PageMinder: Reminders for medication, appointments, or daily living skills.
  • Pager Alternative: 12 Alarm e-pill Vibrating Pager - no monthly fees!
  • Pager Alternative: Timex: USB Computer Watch (PDA on your wrist) - no monthly fees!
  • Eye Drop Alarm: MEDALARM: eyedrop reminder alarm.
  • Digestible microchip for humans /Medication Compliance Pill Alarm: Proteus: The e-Pill that will Monitor Your Health.
  • USB Watch: PDA on your Wrist: Multi-Alarm watch with up to 200 Alarms.
  • Pocket Timer (Belt Loop / Handbag) Carabiner 12 Alarm Timer with SNOOZE: Multi-Timer with Text Alarm and 3 minute Snooze This e-pill will nag you for up to 4 hours.
  • Vibrating Alarm Clock: Sonic Shaker / Shakeawake: Reminds you with a strong vibrating alarm.
  • Pill Organizer Tipper Device: Makes it easy to handle your e-pill automatic pill dispenser.
  • Vibrating Alarm Watch: MeDose: Reminds you with up to 6 daily alarms. No reset required.
  • Vibrating Alarm Pager: e-pill: Reminds you with up to 12 daily alarms. No reset required.
  • Pill Vial Timer: Zoltan Cap / Also sold as Prescript Vial (Wheaton Medical Technologies)
  • Watch: Medication Reminder Watch & ICE (In Case of Emergency) Medical Alert data bank.
  • Watch: VibraPlus 8 Alarm Watch Easy to Use Medication Reminder / Pill Timer Alarm Watch with STRONG Vibration Alarm
  • Watch: Vibrating Watch: MeDose reminds children with diabetes (insulin/tests/meds)
  • Watch: Reminder Watch & Medical Alert "away from home": Up to 12 daily alarms with alpha (text) message, long alarm duration (up to 240 minutes) and 3 minute snooze.
  • Organizer: World's best weekly pill organizer. Great for travel.
  • Intelligent Blister Packaging: Med-ic ECM (Electronic Compliance Monitor). Monitor patient compliance using standard blister packaging without active patient input.
  • Statistics: Introduction to Patient Compliance Statistics
  • Statistics: Patient Compliance Statistics Overview of Non-Compliance with Medication by Allan Wilson, MD, Ph.D.
  • Patient Compliance: Take Your Medicine A Guide to pill boxes, dispensers and reminders. Free Download: Report: Take your Medicine (PDF format)
  • Patient Compliance: AlignMap A No-nonsense approach to 'real world' treatment implementation.

  • ELDERCARE: Fall Prevention, Medical Alarms, PERS (PERS = Personal Emergency Response Systems) and Real Time Home Health Monitoring (telehealthcare) Devices and Services

  • Digital SOS Medical Alert: CADEX ICE (no monthly fees) In Case of Emergency works outside your home.
  • Portable ECG (Patient Use) Telehealthcare Device: AliveCor (no monthly fees) Heart Monitor (mobile device based).
  • PERS: Quiet Care: 24/7 Home Health Security System Unobtrusive wireless sensors monitor the senior.
  • PERS: Philips Lifeline Systems: Personal Response and Support Services
  • PERS: e-pill: Personal Emergency Response System - Use your cellular phone (NO Monthly Fees)
  • PERS: American Medical Alert Corp: Personal Response Services & Medical Alarms
  • PERS: ADT: Home Health Services
  • PERS: AlertOne: National provider of Medical Alarms and Personal Emergency Response Systems.
  • PERS: LifeFone: Personal Emergency Response Systems.
  • PERS: VITAL-LINK: Personal Emergency Response Systems.
  • PERS: ADC Medi-Alert Emergency Response Help Button
  • PERS: VRI Pers onal Emergency Response Systems and Medication Dispensers

  • TeleHealthCare Ideal Life real time home health monitoring.
  • TeleHealthCare HealthyCircles care coordination platform

  • Mobile PERS: 5STAR Urgent Response (monthly fees apply) In Case of Emergency this Digital SOS works inside and outside of your home.
  • Mobile PERS: MobileHelp Anywhere Help Button (monthly fees apply) This PERS works inside and outside of your home.
  • "Away from Home" Mobile PERS: e-pill Digital SOS (no monthly fees) In Case of Emergency this Digital SOS works outside your home.
  • Mobile PERS: MPERS Anywhere Help Button and GPS Locator (monthly fees apply) from Lifecomm.
  • Mobile PERS iPhone: 5Star Anywhere Help Button and GPS Locator (monthly fees apply) using your iPhone (smart-phone).
  • Mobile PERS iPhone and Android: vSOS Anywhere Help Button and GPS Locator (monthly fees apply) using your iPhone or Android (smart-phone).

  • Fall Prevention: HIPS: Hip Protector for the Elderly
  • Fall Prevention: HipSaver: Hip Protector for the Elderly
  • Fall Prevention: SAFEHIP: The World's Most Popular Hip Protector
  • Fall Prevention: Bed Guard / Bed Rail / Bed Handle
  • Fall Prevention: Manual Transfer Devices (for patients with impaired mobility).
  • Fall Prevention: Medical Alarm - No Monthly Fees
  • Wheelchairs: 1stSeniorCare: Manual and Motorized Wheelchairs
  • Wheelchairs: The Wheelchair Site
  • Nordic Walk (Fall Prevention): Learn how walking may help older men and women sidestep Hip Fractures.

    Visit Savvy Senior a national information service devoted to older Americans and the families who support them. More Senior Resources click here


  • Asthma: PuffMinder DOSER / MedReady / MED-EZ / Whistle Watch
  • Diabetes: Reminder watch for children with diabetes
  • Adult ADD (adult attention deficit disorder): ADD Reminders & Timers for Adults
  • ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder): ADHD Reminders for Children and Adults
  • ADD / ADHD / Dyslexia care: Customized exercise (non-drug) techniques
  • Cancer & More: Planner: Health notebook for seriously ill people
  • Children & Asthma: Peak Flow Meter for Children with Asthma.
  • Children & Asthma: Smart Inhaler. Asthma inhaler with ring tones improves compliance with inhaled steroids in childhood asthma.
  • Children & Diabetes: Vibrating watch reminds boys w/ diabetes of insulin shots
  • Children & Diabetes: Vibrating Watch: MeDose Girls reminds with a private reminder
  • Children & Toilet Training: Bed Wetting Store specializes in the treatment of children who wet.
  • Children & Toilet Training: Vibrating Watch Use count down (90 minutes) autoreset timer as a discreet potty reminder.
  • Children & Toilet Training: PeeJ’s Bedwetter Pants Comfortable, washable clothing for bedwetters
  • Children & Toilet Training: Potty MD Helping kids to stop and go.
  • Children & Toilet Training: Dry Buddy An Easy-to-Use and Live-With Bedwetting Alarm System.
  • Kidney disease: A Worldwide Kidney Disease Community
  • Ostomy/Coleostomy/Ileostomy: FREE One & Two Piece Samples & Information
  • Neonatal Ostomy: Neonatal Ostomy Care
  • Osteoporosis: Hip Protection and Osteoporosis
  • Asthma / Allergy: Achoo Allergy
  • Allergy: Allergy Learning Lab
  • Drug List: RxList - The Internet Drug Index
  • Back Health: Information about modern spinal fusion
  • Knee Health: - Your complete source for knee health
  • Neck Health: Neck problems? Learn as much as you can about what might be causing your symptoms
  • Incontinence: InContiNet
  • Vitamins : Vitamins & Nutrional Information
  • Children/Adolescents w/ Elimination Disorders: Parent Talk Watches / Reminders for Children
  • Health Coach: Good Health is a Long Life Achievement.
  • Flatulence Control: Flat-D control & deodorizer
  • Flatulence Control: Odor Assassin deodorizer
  • General "Selfcare": - Health Source to the World


    MEDICAL ID (Identification) / MEDICAL ALERT:

  • Medical ID Jewelry: SOS ID Pendant
  • Watch Medical Alert: CADEX: Medical Alert ID Watch w/ 12 Medication Reminder Alarms
  • Medication ID: Right Meds, Right Time, Right Dosage

    GENERAL SELF-CARE (On-Line Medical Information):

    Med Smart on CBS / Good Morning America HEALTH

  • Information, articles, reviews, and FAQs on home medical supplies and equipment: The Med Supply Guide
  • We bring doctors' knowledge to you: MedicineNet
  • Great Selfcare Site : CBS Healthwatch by Medscape
  • Learn about Medication Non-Adherence: The Reasons for Non-Adherence
  • Drug Information – is a Drug News and Drug Interactions Web site. The comprehensive database offers information and news alerts about potentially dangerous drugs currently on the market or previously available worldwide.
  • General Selfcare: Health World -
  • General Selfcare: WebMD -
  • General Selfcare: Medscape - Medical Supersite
  • General Selfcare: InteliHealth - Johns Hopkins Health Information
  • General Selfcare: Cyberspace Telemedical Office
  • Medical Care / Legal Help: Medical Malpractice Definitions and Help.



  • Software and Hardware for Persons with Special Needs: RJ Coopers
  • Assistive Listening Devices ("hearing aids"): Affordable ALDs
  • Assistive Listening Devices ("directional in-the-ear hearing aid"): The Babble
  • Fall Prevention Devices (Bed Rails): HI Protector
  • Pill Timers for Parkinson's Patients: MEDclock Medication Reminders for Parkinson's

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